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Ive been looking for a sign for my bathroom forever, and I honestly couldn’t find one that I liked… So why couldn’t I make my own? All I did was spray painted a piece of wood and painted on a word! It was simple, and now I finally have something to hang in my bathroom!


When making one I might as well make another… Right? So this one I just thought was cute!
You Bee You 🙂


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Oh the places you go

While you travel, most people take pictures and remember some of it by the end if the year. I decided I would start to write In a journal about all my travels… So I made my own travel log.
What i did was found the paper I wanted and glued it on, and then I embellished with misc. items. This was just a composition notebook, which I turned In to my travel log! This project is not only cheap by pretty easy too!


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Inside the little bottle is dandelion peddles, the flowers that you blow to make wish! The other thing I did was printed out the quote, inked it with my favorite color, an then glued in the plastic cover. You can use it as a necklace, a car charm for the mirror, or even a key chain!
“Never stop making wishes!”


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I am honestly stumped! I found this in a junk pile and I thought it was just too cool to throw away! Even though I love it, I have no idea what to do with it! Please help me and give me any ideas!




Cupcake fold card, just use scrap pieces of paper!:)


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Adventure is out there!

Who knows the movie up!? Well it is one if my favorites, in the movie the wife gives her husband this scrapbook for all of his adventures… So I decided to my my own adventure book!



Day 4: DIY Man Baskets

Love this idea, with baskets you cant go wrong! What man doesn’t want a basket of goodies!




What’s more special than a personalized Man Basket for your dad this Father’s Day? The possibilities are endless, but here’s a few ideas to get you started…

Package #1 – Tool Carrier Bag, Beer, Red Vines, Beer Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pistachios, Milk Duds, Canned Tuna, Beatles Guitar Picks, Guitar Pick Holder

Package #2 – Styrofoam Cooler, Pecan Shortbread Cookies, Flyswatter (inside joke, don’t ask!), Pistachios, Starbucks Gift Card, Pocketknife

Both baskets were padded with peanuts to give it a manly look. Other ideas that I had for the packaging were a cooler or a tin beer bucket.

These Man Baskets are totally doable on a budget! I found most things at the dollar store, Walmart, and Big Lots!

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Crafting tip #2

Inking, it makes the card or any other project look complete, but it also adds a nice touch to the projects. It is very simple, buy some cosmetic wedges from the store, and the color of ink that would match the card, scrapbook, etc… Then get ink on the cosmetic wedge and then simply ink the edges!

Top picture- card had no ink
Middle picture- supplies
Bottom picture-card with ink

Everything is better inked!:)


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Not for the kitchen!

In the craft room, I always misplace my essentials, or they are lost! By making a crafting apron, it will make my every day crafting 100 times easier!
Things you will need:
•two types of fabric
• sewing machine
• ribbon
• scissors
First piece – cut the main piece of fabric 25 by 14
Second piece- cut the smaller piece 22 by 7


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Mirror mirror on the wall

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, I’ve been very Busy.
I got this mirror from a thrift store, and decide I would do something that was more my style! I picked out my favorite color, which is turquoise, and then got little knick knacks from the dollar store, or even the junk drawer. Then after I cleaned the surface of the mirror, I started to glue on the knick knacks on it randomly (it doesn’t need to be perfect)! After the glue was dry, and all my items were on the sides of it, I spray painted it with my color I chose! This was so much fun, and when people come over they always try to figure out every thing that’s on there!